Sunday, July 27, 2014

fever poems

o the blue wind mouth sky 
sucking on the earths tit again

i'm an old funny nobody
falling miles away on the hill side!

gotta make it to the big blue wind
up gallivanting thru the sucking sky

raven, who are you calling?
don't call the bad witch, its only a fever
besides, your face is snowy and grey
so no one can take you seriously

you, yourself come
eat these tomatoes from
my fever bent hands

now i hear the white falcon coming
should we linger through her fury?

                                                  o dark lady of the shadows
                                                  quivering in the locust leaves

                                                  the downright fact of it is
                                                  the deer refuse to be machines

                                                  what made me think i could solve this puzzle?