Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last Years Worm Moon Mother-Son Poem Exchange


hugely orange worm moon rising
set the earth again to moving
--the writhing of her worms

flourish! dirt-movers
take to dancing your
thawed ground ways!

incite the songs of spring!


Crocuses fully bloomed
Daffodils bursting
Pansies firmly planted on the porch
Rebirth renew relief
Rejoice! in the constancy of her cycles


the Yellow Trumpets have sounded!
surely they know this rounding best
--those pioneers of spring

the clouds play games of light
on the waking webs of green
robins swirl their hunger-dances
my soul too, thawing
in the sun we share.

love you mom.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Death, Thou comest
when I had Thee least in mind.

Friday, March 22, 2013


o take me death-leaf
take and press me
with your thumbs of smoke
into the earth
that I may lay with an open head
and become the hillside;
indistinguishable as dirt,
as black clouds
that pass the moon
at midnight

but the birds are singing!
it is spring!

I've died this time,
relinquished my breath
with the equal night
and only with spring
was born all over

o that
deaths head hawk moth
that came and tongued the anthers
when my mind became
the comet flower

whispered something as it flew

something only heard
by the gone beyond

I know
I have not gone

Saturday, March 2, 2013

the curving earth

the curving earth
i smoke
and lower down
tobacco death
at noon

the days question:
do the birds each morning
make agreements with
the wind?

you're a sun swallower

Friday, March 1, 2013

O Stars

o stars
what can be done?

o stars
late i face the cold wind
to pee and end up staring
at your shimmering far
past the time my skin starts
cooing for the bed-warmth again

o stars
you rarely speak
in fact you're mute
the way i wish i was sometimes;
never have to try to tell a lover
where your love went
never have to hear your own
voice on the toilet in the dark
"fuck, what have i done?"
"i should write that letter
to my grandmother"

o stars
you always send
the same dull light
and fade just when i need you most;
at the flowering of dawn
when i can no longer hide
in the shadows of moonlight
and hope i remain
unseen before the human world
counting the silences of stars

Dried-up Sea Bottom Blues

i'm the big fool
who's laughing now?
no one i know

its like i wove
this net as if i didn't know
i'd be the one drowning in it

and not without tangling
a few beautiful creatures
in it before i sink

but oh that deep
silence at the bottom
beckons still

and the darkest blue
i've never seen
is waiting for me there

the only incongruity?
the ocean left
this lonesome place
a million years ago