Friday, April 26, 2013

Swamp Spring

slow crawl home by the semaphores of spring
the swamp inhales all my old woes
and i sigh smiling quietly into the polyp clouds

the cherry blossoms buzzing!
all day, single petals tumbling in troves
even into full flower-moonlight
with that hush-murmer of midnight;
dark geese that pass north
and an owls sounding
as if to measure
the forest night

i'll go sleep out in the creeping myrtle at noon
dream of stars that decay on mountainsides
(star-mountains i cannot forget)
and the ones we cannot see in daylight

wake to the pastel body of spring beside me
and whisper my demands;

make my mind a spiral of blooms!
the dogwoods umbrals,
the forsythias yellow-fire, 
the magnolias lotus loomings

o make me the tiny petals
that i may know the orgasm of abscission!
i want to tongue the anthers!
i want to dust the stigmas!

she only stared my blue eyes teary,
stood and walked away,
her colors blending in the bright wet blur